Subject: RE: BSD&Mac networking
To: Ethan Gold <>
From: Rob Browning <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/29/1995 02:55:52
>But I want to attach a BSD machine to a network. BSD only supports
>ethernet, so A/UX won't help me. The machine that is already on the net
>won't take BSD, but it has to keep macOS. can't bring down both my primary
>and secondary machines at once. It seems to me that the Apple Internet
>Router is overkill for most situations. If only the mac would dump IP
>packets from a ppp connection only it's attached network.  The IP would
>have to be wrapped up in appletalk and then just sent on it's way, as I see
>it. Is there some greater complication? It's a 2-network, 2-card situation.
>The hardware is there, but the OS won't handle both at once.
>                                -Ethan

Will MachTen ( solve your problem?  It's a BSD unix that
runs alongside System 7.  It supports a great variety of routing options...