Subject: Re: Q: X11, why doesnt OPTION+ARROW work ?
To: Gabe Minton <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/26/1995 12:05:53
Gabe Minton wrote:
> Forwarded message:
> > Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 11:15:49 +0100
> > From: (Gunnar Holm)
> > Subject: Q: X11, why doesnt OPTION+ARROW work ?
> > 
> > 2) The OPTION+ARROW sequence to emulate middle and right mouse button does
> > not    work. I have: Mac IIcx, Extended KB,Apple mouse. Also tcsh seems not
> > to work    properly under X, though it worksin dt, and in console, but under
> > X the
> >   up/down-arrow scrolling through the command buffer is dead.
> I second this, I emailed grantham about it, and he must be busy, but I really
> need those buttons and they don't seem to work..  You should see how loaded my
> Button1 is under twm right now...  ;-)

I'm trying to get IIsi ADB to work (and fighting tooth and nail), I'm
trying to survive with a new swimming pool where my bedroom used to be,
and I still have my real job.  I'll try to figure out what's up with the
three button emulation between MRG compiles.

> I have a mac SE/30 with the std keyboard that came with it, not extended, is 
> this my problem?

Naw.  This is a bug either in my code or in the README; I've forgotten
enough detail that I don't remember which.

> btw-- I love this!  I want to help.  What is out there for scrolling the root
> window around on the SE/30 mini screen?

Try fvwm, a motif-like virtual manager, or maybe even olvwm, the Open
Look virtual window manager.  I haven't tried compiling them, but they
should behave pretty well.  I personally use 9wm at work, the 8 1/2-ish
window manager; very minimal and it does not get in my way.  I hate to
say it, but I don't run X Windows at home much because I need the CPU
for compiling MacBSD kernels.

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