Subject: Re: YESSSS!!!
To: Stan Shebs <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/19/1995 08:41:53
> I finally got a version of my game Xconq (7.0d32) loaded onto my
> MacBSD machine - it built and RAN!

Yay!  This doesn't make me *too* happy! :)

> Second, to link X programs, I needed to link against libSM.a and libICE.a.
> I suppose these are new and wonderful libraries for R6, but aren't they
> supposed to be glued into libX11.a or some such?

If you can verify this, I can try to fix the libraries.  I pretty much just
put it up when it compiled fully and didn't crash for me.

> Also, I tried running one of my more complicated scenarios under the
> curses Xconq, and it coredumped, but the kernel crashed and never actually
> made a core.  I pressed the "Macsbug button" and got a register state,
> will pass the numbers along if anybody has a use for them.  (jtc asks -
> how do you get to ddb, a la PC NetBSD?)

The MacsBug (debugger) switch should dump you right into ddb.  What
did you see?

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