Subject: Re: Q:Ethernet Card for SE/30
To: Tsukasa Kunitomi <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/18/1995 19:43:45
At 7:22 AM 1/19/95, Tsukasa Kunitomi wrote:
>At 13:28 01/18/95 -0800, jeff schindall wrote:
>>If you have a card for your se30, check it for one of these chips.  It may
>>work, and it may not--to the best of my knowledge nobody has confirmed tha=
>>enet works on the se30 under macbsd.
>  Thax. I'll get.

The "Asante Thick/Thin/10Base-T 64K MacCon3IISI for the Macintosh
IIsi/SE30" is working in my SE30.

>  BTW, I installed, then try boot=
>But dosen't boot. It freeze at last line of Booter window.
>  I thought, is that patched kernel?  I usually use patched #11.
>  And may be, I got that by bad way. I got by Fetch on other Mac, then copy
>to SE/30 by AppleTalk. Am I right?

Retrieve the file again with the Binary option in Fetch.

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