Subject: Re: MacLinux vs. MacBSD
To: Adrian Forte <>
From: Walter Ruetten <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/18/1995 15:04:48
> Linux was fairly easy to set up, with plenty of well-written FAQs.
> MacBSD was a nightmare. Not to offend anyone, but the documentation was 
> inconsistant in a few places, and not geared to a novice user.

I read the installation notes and had it up and running in less than
three hours (though with a terminal due to ADB trouble with the
MacIIvi). Except for enabling the serial tty it ran out of the box.

> Some buddies and I installed Linux on a 486 and had it up and running 
> for quite a while. It was very cool and we had few overall problems.

Try FreeBSD 2.0 if you are looking for a _PC-based_ BSD. 

> I have nothing I can contribue technically. When I want to insuall Linux 
> of BSD on either my Mac or my PC, I want a system that's ready to go, 
> more or less. [..]

You get what you pay for :-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist ..
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