Subject: Re: System 8
To: Peter Brewer <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/17/1995 00:56:26
> Has your work at Tenon gotten you a look at Copland? How exact a copy
> is it to A/UX ( if you have gotten a look? )?

It's not my place to say so, but if he had gotten a look, it would be
under an NDA and he couldn't talk about it.  Please honor these
agreements, both when you're under them and when talking to people who
are under them.  It can only hurt Apple to have details revealed to
the world at large about future products (hardware and software).

I don't know that NDAs are the way to keep the quality and
competitiveness maximized, but they are binding agreements...

As an aside, sometimes I think that MacLeak is run by Intel/Microsoft...
1/2 ;-)

Anyway, this is not a personal attack, it's a general warning--this is
my position:

	Any information covered by an NDA or similar agreement should
	be kept off the mailing list(s).


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