Subject: Re: LOts of things about Mac BSD
To: Peter Brewer <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/12/1995 07:38:01
> Who is the current Alice Project Manager?
> Who is is the keeper, (*NOT* necessarily the writer), of the documentation
> Who is in charge of configuration control?

Me.  (  At least for most of that.  I'm the port master
for the mac68k port of NetBSD.  I'm responsible for the portions of
the NetBSD source tree that relate specifically to the mac68k port.  I
can also make changes outside of that as necessary, but there are a lot
more fingers in that source tree.  Additionally, several other people
from the original "alice" group can make changes in the kernel tree,
but I'm the one to talk to about any problems, desires, concerns, etc.

> Who is in charge of the changeover to a USENet news group with FAQ?


Hopefully, the "service" ;-) will improve now that I'm essentially
graduated, married, and back from my honeymoon.  All I've got now is
my job, daily chores, and BSD (roughly in that order, in case you
were wondering).


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