Subject: Re: Keyboard Lock-ups on a Mac IIcx
To: Heath Chandler Y. <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/03/1995 17:45:57
On Jan 3,  5:05pm, "Heath Chandler Y." wrote:
>Has anybody had problems with the keyboard locking up on a IIcx running the 
>current kernels and the latest distribution of files?
>I followed the instructions in the FAQ and set everything up as needed. The 
>system boots but the keyboard will lock at various times. Sometimes at the 
>login prompt, sometimes after doing and "ls" a couple of times.

Congratulations!  You've hit the infamous "adb bug" (caused by the fact
that Apple put the serial interrupts as low man on the totem pole and they
occasionally get missed).

The thing to do (mentioned in various places) is as soon as you log in,
run 'dt'.  Other options are 'screen' or 'X'.  I've not tried screen, but
dt and X work for me.  None of these are in the standard distribution.
However, pointers to them are abundant.


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