Subject: Re: X11R6/Mono available on
To: Brad Carlson <carlson@Free-Net.Mpls-StPaul.MN.US>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/22/1994 22:53:58
On Dec 23, 12:10am, Brad Carlson wrote:
>Glad that it seems to be running.  I'm finding I have a config (?) problem.  
>Upon launching, the Xmacbsd server quits and prints a message that the server 
>received a termination signal (SIGHUP), then prints:
>  Fatal server error:
>  Can't run X server with no screens
>I thought maybe specifying 
>   Xmacbsd -dev /dev/blahblah 
> would help, but there don't appear to be any frame buffers in /dev.
>If Xmacbsd needs any help finding the screen, I'd appreciate it if 
>someone could email me working X config files or point me in the right 

I didn't have to do any configuring at all.  Make sure /dev/grf0 exists.
If necessary, as root `cd /dev` and `./MAKEDEV grf0` .  Dunno if it's
necessary, but just for grins, make grf1, too.


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