Subject: Re: so sad - Duo270c: only one grey bar
To: None <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/21/1994 11:22:58
> But while booting with Booter 1.6 from MacOS I get only 1 GreyBar.
> Duo270c, 8MB Ram, 110MB Mac Partition, 110MB A/UX Root partition, 20MB A/UX
> Swap partition, (internal) Monitor in b/w-mode (640x480).

32-bit mode?

> Booting with mrg (with fpu, the 270c has one :-)) kernal, from MacOS, from
> installed kernal in the UNIX partition, with the kernal 1.0patched, with
> RAM set to autosizing, fixed 8, 7, 6MB, all results in ONE GREY BAR!!!

Do any of the other kernels work?

> BTW, where can I get the newer mailing-list archives?
> The ones I found end with the autumn and there are no mails from November
> or December archived.

Were you looking on

> (Is that really a working b/w X11R6 I saw today on one of your ftp servers? :-))

Yup.  Happy holidays.

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