Subject: so sad - Duo270c: only one grey bar
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/21/1994 18:07:06
Hi there!

Now that I found the MRG (Mac ROM Glue) kernal, I tried it on my Duo270c.
(The readme.mrg gave me some hope:
	"The MRG ADB may work on:
		Other PowerBooks and Duos")

But while booting with Booter 1.6 from MacOS I get only 1 GreyBar.

Her a more precise description of my configuration:

Duo270c, 8MB Ram, 110MB Mac Partition, 110MB A/UX Root partition, 20MB A/UX
Swap partition, (internal) Monitor in b/w-mode (640x480).

All ususal 1.0 binaries installed.

Booting with mrg (with fpu, the 270c has one :-)) kernal, from MacOS, from
installed kernal in the UNIX partition, with the kernal 1.0patched, with
RAM set to autosizing, fixed 8, 7, 6MB, all results in ONE GREY BAR!!!

In the Mac window I get the following messages while booting:
Booting...MID_M68K executable: entry 0x24bc.
506856 (0x0)+48592+89932+36564+38020

I can't read the rest since it then disappears behind a warning box:
"This has not been tested on your machine.

This will probably crash			(*it did!!! :-( *)

Triple Panic: Out of OREOS and Miracle

Attempting to boot anyway...

and then the grey bar and the message on the Mac Window: "Ser Console = 0"

It seems obvious (?) that this has nothing to do with the MRG-stuff,
so I send it to this mailing list.

Any ideas? Am I doing something terribly wrong?

BTW, where can I get the newer mailing-list archives?
The ones I found end with the autumn and there are no mails from November
or December archived.

Thanks a lot to you all of the Alice Gang for all your good work.
(Is that really a working b/w X11R6 I saw today on one of your ftp servers? :-))

Merry Xmas

Franz Kammermeier *** e-mail: