Subject: Re: MacLinux
To: None <,>
From: Peter Brewer <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/20/1994 23:46:32
>I only wish that NetBSD/68k got as much press and support. 

Its all about everyone's Internet craze. Everyone and their uncle have
to be on the Internet or they'll be lost. I expect Internet to replace
Information Superhighway as the appropriate descriptor anyday now. Linux
is about Internetting with that brand new superduper poweruser's environment
UNIX. :-) ;-) LINUX even has its own magazine now for crissake! Half of it
is devoted to GNU and the FSF so I'm not sure why they bother. Add to that
the fact that 9/10 of the world now has a 386 or better and that DOS/PC
architectures are primitive and easy to understand plus open rather than
closed and proprietary and you have your reason.

I believe that the Performa's are starting to catch on. I also believe
that if it were possible to get a handle on most of the Macs' innards
LINUX would soon have a very strong competitor particularly if one could
use the Mac environment adjacent to and concurrent with BSD4.4. I think
that Allen would soon lose his cynicism when the Nutshell folks begin
calling him about a Mag of his own and U's in Aussie land start paying
his way to give high brow lectures. Better get the ol' English Leather
ready for all of the NetBSD groupies! ;-)

-- Peter