Subject: Re: Advice on MacBSD on a IIcx, please...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/18/1994 21:47:54
> For a couple of months now I have been following the MacBSD messages in the hope
> of getting the necessary info and being able to 'pluck up the courage' to
> install MacBSD on my IIcx. I have downloaded the FAQ and have a 'little'
> knowledge of UNIX 'basics'.

I have confidence that you'll probably have luck in getting it up..

> There are a couple of points that I would be grateful for advice on please:
> My IIcx has a 5/40 configuration. I have never thought of installing a bigger HD
> but I do have a Bernouilli 150 Meg drive attached (and the cartridges give me
> unlimited storage, albeit in 150 Meg 'slices'). 
> Would MacBSD 1.0 install satisfactorily on a 40 Meg internal HD? - or failing
> that, would it be possible to run it off the Bernouilli drive?

I bet you could install the "base10" archive and the kernel (I suggest 
getting the mrg - Mac ROM Glue - kernal) on the internal drive (with at
least a 30 MB partition, then install the other archives on a cartridge
and make sure /etc/fstab knows to mount the ufs partitions on the cartidge, 
start looking in "man mount" on info on doing that.

> Is the Apple formatter on the System disks suitable for creating a UNIX
> partition or should I get another formatting program? What is recommended in the
> latter case?

Apple's Utility on the disk tools disk is sufficent, although I'd
recommend Silverlining, or FDW Tools over it (they cost money though,
so it might be better to stick with apple's since it works)

> It seems that MacBSD 1.0 is not yet available on the MacBSD archives of
> (my Internet provider) even though they are supposed to be one of
> the sites that are designated for providing it. Are there plans for putting it
> on? - or are there plans for providing it on CD ROM or similar?

I don't know, ftp the 1.0 binaries from
if you can.

> Any good advice would be gratefully received - I would like to get UNIX 'up and
> running' if possible. 

Good luck!

Scott Jann (Mr. Bill)			"Zoiks!" -Shaggy
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