Subject: Re: mkfs, parititioning, dt
To: mark thompson <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/18/1994 13:55:13
> Empirical testing suggests that mkfs only works on drives with scsi ID 0.
> I haven't yet examined the code to see if I should be surprised.

It worked fine on both my Toshiba 880 and my Connor 330 at SCSI ID's
1 and 2.  Check your cabling and make sure you click the button in
Mkfs instead of just hitting "OK".  (I thought we had fixed that

> dt does not work (mac IIx, NuBus video card). It gets a SEGV as soon as
> it tries to write to the video. I can't debug it very effectively, because
> using gdb eventually results in a mmu panic.

We're working on this one.  Of course, we all have *real* jobs and
are a little burnt out on MacBSD, so the going is slow.

> I assume that I cannot be the first one to have discovered all of these
> things, but I also have not seen them revealed elsewhere.

Have you checked the macbsd-general and macbsd-development mailing list
archives on  Many of these things have already been
discussed in detail there.

> I note with amusement
> that all of them meet that test on my 486 box. Another example of the PC world
> getting things first.

This is because of quantity, not because of quality.  If you'd like
to start a PC/Mac flame war, please take it to the appropriate newsgroup.

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