Subject: mkfs, parititioning, dt
To: None <>
From: mark thompson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/18/1994 07:26:49
Empirical testing suggests that mkfs only works on drives with scsi ID 0.
I haven't yet examined the code to see if I should be surprised.

partitioning my drive with Disk Manager Mac fails because the bzb.magic
field contains 0x0000babe rather than 0xabadbabe (which Unix expects).
The APS tool set does seem to work, but isn't as nice to use.

dt does not work (mac IIx, NuBus video card). It gets a SEGV as soon as
it tries to write to the video. I can't debug it very effectively, because
using gdb eventually results in a mmu panic.

I have the kernel called 'netbsd.patched' downloaded on Friday December 9th.
(it calls itself #11).

I assume that I cannot be the first one to have discovered all of these
things, but I also have not seen them revealed elsewhere.


p.s. netbsd/freebsd/linux... who cares? I am going to go with the first one
that runs reliably on my mac and does slip and X windows. I note with amusement
that all of them meet that test on my 486 box. Another example of the PC world
getting things first.