Subject: Son of Stupid Question
To: None <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/16/1994 15:05:25
OK, guys, I actually only have one response worth reporting so far, and it
was from a private mailiing list run by David Hough.  But it is a doozey!

Curtisy of Ian Lance Taylor of Cygnus I now have a pre-release copy of the
complete software floating point package planned for gcc 2.7.  I am
emailing it to what I hope are the appropriate people.

I hope I haven't brused the egos of anyone who wanted to do the job
him/her-self.  I also hope this package is not too beta.  I have asked Ian
how much we should trust it.  If someone will do the kernel hacking for me
I can do some testing.

PS:  Just got a note from M. Edward Borasky ( who
says that U.S. Software of Portland, OR once sold an FPE package.  They are
still in the phone book at (503)-641-8446.  If the Gnu package doesn't work
out maybe someone could talk them into a donation of an obsolete product?
(Could offer them a tax deduction for the donation?)

Henry B. Hotz

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