Subject: Re: C610 and time to burn
To: Dan Menchaca <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/16/1994 16:52:43
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  outside the scope of macbsd-general.  Thanks. ]

> SCSI Manager which then in turns talks to the various NCR chipsets.

I assume that this is a discussion of the current MacOS scsi system.

We are currently bypassing all of this.  The current 5380 drivers talk
directly to the NCR 53[c]80 on the motherboard.  The current effort with
the 53c96 is to access the 53c96 directly, too.  I'm as far as reading
inquiry data, but I am having difficulty handshaking the data.  I'm
hoping to have time after this weekend to look at it some more.

You're welcome to look at it, but unless you already know something
about the scsi system on the macs, it might be wasted effort.  I
haven't made much progress, though, so you may very well be able to
work some information out that I haven't been able to.

Or maybe we should just drop all our work since MacLinux will run on
everything and will be out tomorrow or maybe the next day, anyway.  ;-)


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