Subject: IIvx Port
To: NetBSD General Mailing List <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dameon D. Welch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/15/1994 16:41:47
Quotes from the great literary masterpieces of Bharat Jhaveri:

>I just read MacLinux faq at
>" "
>and saw that they are working on a port to IIvx besides other 680x0.
>I know that Alice team is also trying to work on a IIvx prt, debugging ADB problems.
>My question, are these two projects sharing work?

I don't know if the IIvx port and the ADB problems are related. Of
course, ADB doesn't work on every machine that NetBSD even supports,
so who knows?

>Also, since MacBSD already has been working so well, why Linux is
>reinventing the wheel?

I guess this is a matter of the age-old question "which is better,
POSIX or BSD?" (Okay, the age-old question is "SYSV or BSD", but
basically, the same thing) Or it's like "I say Tomato, you say
Tamata". Basically, a matter of prefence. And since when is choice a
"bad" thing?

At least from what I can see, Linux has a greater level of acceptance
than any of the versions of BSD out there. It also seems to be the
most standardized. 

Until 'dt' gets working on my external monitor on the SE/30, I can't
do much with NetBSD. 

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