Subject: Re: IIvx Port
To: Bharat Jhaveri <>
From: mat <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/15/1994 14:13:19
At 2:55 PM 12/15/94, Bharat Jhaveri wrote:

>I just read MacLinux faq at
>" "
>and saw that they are working on a port to IIvx besides other 680x0.
>I know that Alice team is also trying to work on a IIvx prt, debugging ADB
>problems. My question, are these two projects sharing work?
>Also, since MacBSD already has been working so well, why Linux is
>reinventing the wheel?

I think that the MacLinux FAQ mentions that they are sharing some code with
the Alice Gang. Allen?

>And any update on MacBSD ADB yet?

check out:

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