Subject: Re: IIvx Port
To: None <>
From: Brian Kendig <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/15/1994 15:46:58
>I just read MacLinux faq at
>" "
>and saw that they are working on a port to IIvx besides other 680x0.

That faq is actually a very interesing and somewhat amusing read, in
fact.  It would seem that MacLinux is almost finished and very near a
release -- all they have left to do is start coding it.

Here are some choice tidbits from the faq:

	() Would it possibly run on a PPC, anyway? 
	That depends on what kind of 68040 the PPC is emulating. If it
	emulates a 680LC40/68040 then it could go. But if it emulates a
	680EC40 then it can't run it because there's no MMU. I must
	research on that issue (or simply contact the LinuxPPC group)

	() Will X be available? How much RAM does it want?
	Yay, the XWindows Server is on it's way. About the RAM, I really
	don't have the faintest idea... But thats what hw paging is for,
	right?  Long live the man that invented Virtual Memory!!!

Answers like this from the lead programmer on the MacLinux project don't
give me much confidence.  It sounds like he's planning out the final
details of the project before he attacks the basic core of it.

The phrase "putting the cart before the horse" comes to mind.

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