Subject: IIci keyboard ?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/13/1994 15:09:17

Hi Guys,

I have frantically trying to boot 1.0 recently
on my IIci. It crashes every time as soon as the screen blanks
with garbage bars, no grey bars. Rather like Daniel Risacher's
IIsi. I cannot see what I am doing wrong.

I've created a 160 Mb Root & user partition on my internal drive,
along with 40Mb Swap using MacPeak's SpotOn. Ran Mkfs, and installed
netbsd10, etc10, base10 (increased memory allocation of installer
to 4000K), select build devices.

Ran booter (tried both single-user and multi-user, grey bars on and off
auto mem size select on and off, 20 Mb RAM, 19Mb RAM and 18Mb RAM)
and tried to boot. No joy 8-(.

The boot sequence seems to run fine until the screen blanks, (after
the MacOS window quits) then comes up with 

[preserving 73360 bytes of NetBSD Symbol table]

and comes up with a load of garbage vertical bars on the screen
(they dont look like solid grey bars). In colour mode, they
appear to be a byte-wide pattern of the following colours:

purple, white, white, green, orange, white, white, white

And then the thing hangs. That's it.

I haven't got any special hardware plugged in, appart from my keyboard.
I have unplugged the SCSI chain (allsorts of weird and wonderful
things :-) ), disabled appletalk, unplugged everything from the
serial ports, etc. Only things left plugged in are keyboard, mouse
and internal video. I have 20 Mb RAM (4 in A, 16 in B).
I've also taken out the cache card, and set the monitor to black and white.

My keyboard is a non-Apple extended keyboard (but it looks identical
except for the logo :-) ). I've tried unplugging it to boot, leaving
just the mouse plugged in. The screen now stays blank, no funny colour
bars, but still no boot.

Do I need an Apple keyboard? Can anyone try unplugging the keybaord
to boot and see if it works? (preferably IIci).

Any other suggestions very welcome.

					Stefan Claesen


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