Subject: Re: IIsi
To: None <magnus@MIT.EDU>
From: mat <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/13/1994 01:05:09
Daniel: I'd like to thank you very much for your generous loan; it's nice
to see the Alice guys getting this kind of help. I hold the Alice folks in
very high regard, especially since the hardware they are using for this
free work is (for the most part) their own machines. It's really great to
see this kind of collaboration happen.

BTW.. I'd still be glad to sacrifice my Daystar PowerCache '030/33- it has
the adaptor for a Mac II, a 68882, and will work adaptorless in a IIci,
IIvi, IIvx or Performa 600. Currently 1.0 doesn't like it, and this is the
sole reason that I'm not running NetBSD-Mac full time; my II is just too
slow to use without it.

Alohas and kudos to both Daniel and the Alice team for their efforts!

At 2:57 PM 12/12/94, Daniel Risacher wrote:
> grantham  <> writes:

> > If someone would loan me their IIsi during January, I would be happy
> > to buy them a pizza and pay for shipping and pour my brain into making
> > the IIsi/IIvx/... ADB work.

>I will do this - but I need it back by February.
>January is a good time.
>What you get:
>IIsi reclocked to 25MHz
>w/ 8M in bank B (8 1M simms in 4 simm expander boards)
>68882 in Asante card

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