Subject: Re: IIsi
To: None <>
From: Patrick Killourhy <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/12/1994 16:40:08
> Don't you have a IIsi?  Can you check this hypothesis and let me know
> what you find?  I'd be very grateful.  In fact, I'd be happy if anyone
> would look at my code and say, "oh, you're missing a comma," or
> something equally helpful.
>                 -Brad "Feeling very frustrated" Grantham

If someone gives me the starting address of the ROMs in the IIsi (I think
that the initial PC stored at 0x0 can only be read at boot time, after
which it points to the RAM bank that the '030 uses for vector storage,
otherwise I could read it from there.. I'm not sure about that, but it's
the way every other large-scale '0x0 machine is done, so I think it's
more than likely...) I'll be more than happy to code a small assembly-
language program to dump them to a file for disassmbly; that's the only
real way to be sure.. but my IIsi does display a movable mouse pointer
before bootstrapping. :)

btw, along the development cycle, has anyone bothered to keep a set of
notes on the Mac's internals, other than source code? :) I know next
to nothing about the Mac's internals; my motorola experience is using
the '020 in hardware design...