Subject: Re: IIsi
To: grantham <>
From: kr <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/12/1994 16:36:10
At 22:55 36-08-03, grantham wrote:
>                -Brad "Feeling very frustrated" Grantham

I hope you did not interpret my previous note as enhancing your
frustrations. That was certainly not intended. I just feel that whenever
there is a long term deadlock in progress, it is often worthwhile to toss
out a bunch of crazy ideas, to rattle up things again. It is often
necessary to question the most basic assumptions, because _something_ must
have been overlooked, presumably in the place least expected.

>> Might it be possible that there are bugs in the ROMs, which the MacOS needs
>> to patch upon start-up before being able to do somehing useful ? If one
>> would then not emulate this machine-specific patching, it would not work
>> very well.
>Don't you have a IIsi?  Can you check this hypothesis and let me know
>what you find?  I'd be very grateful.

Ok, I suppose I have to do something of own. Mucking around with Macsbug is
something I normally never do, so I am in quite unfamiliar territory. But I
tried once again to look up the traps that Brad recommended a long time
ago. The one difference I found was the following:

Macsbug run just after startup before full booting:
 getindadb = $4080A37A   #1082172282   #1082172282   '@**z'  _GetIndADB

Macsbug run while IIsi is up and running:
 getindadb = $00018018   #98328   #98328   '....'
                                           (those were actually weird
looking dots)

So there is a potentially significant difference.
Now maybe Brad can forward further directions to us on what to do, or wait
for the IIsi being shipped to him. :-)

>  In fact, I'd be happy if anyone
>would look at my code and say, "oh, you're missing a comma," or
>something equally helpful.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, I still have not gotten around to
touch MacBSD, which partially explains why I have not (yet) been more
vocal. This still could change any point in the future. :-) But for the
time being, my contributions will have to remain of a somewhat abstract
nature, shall we say.

Markus Krummenacker