Subject: Re: IIsi, cross-compiling, etc.
To: None <magnus@MIT.EDU,>
From: mat <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/10/1994 20:09:47
The mkfs #5 error isn't something you need to worry about.

try re-installing, but double the RAM allocation for the Installer (in the
Get Info window). That should get rid of the installer bomb problem.
In the Booter Prefs window, try turn off "auto size RAM", and tell it you
have 4 megs of ram.

goot luck!

At 11:18 PM 12/10/94, Daniel Risacher wrote:
>Glory be!  I too have a IIsi, and I am struggling with it mightily
>trying to get macbsd to run.
>What setup did you use to get it to work?  Any other successful IIsi
>owners please reply also!
>My poor unixless mac:
>Mac IIsi
>5M RAM (new simm boards coming on monday)
>70 bsd partition at scsi 0
>FPU in socket of Asante ethercard
>base10, etc10, netbsd10 installed.
>14" apple external monitor set to 1 bit depth
>32 bit addressing on, no VM.
>Got an old PC attached via null modem to the modem port.
>when I boot it, it wipes the screen with garbage- first line or so is
>different garbage. No grey bars, about 6-7 garbage chars on the serial
>During installing I two problems
>(aside from the fact that it didn't work)
>First, both times I did a mkfs, it said:
>Modesense page 4(0)
>Error on SCSIRead(), #5
>Probably just a phase error, ignore the error -- this time
>Num Heads 6
>Num Cylinders = 1019
>Modesense page 3(0)
>Bytes_Sector is 512
> ... and so on.
>Does this signal a real problem?
>Second, when I tried to install,
>I tried installing base10 first, and during the installation
>(it got 1/2 way) it bombed with an Unimplemented Trap.
>This happened twice.
>If I installed the other packages first, it worked ok.
>Could this be related to the other thing?
>Should I reformat? Anyone have advice?
>-Daniel Risacher

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