Subject: Re: SE/30 Help Needed: dt Dumps Core
To: Kernel Tweak <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/04/1994 22:45:35
> I'm booting fine, but things like 'ps' give me some chunk size error. huh?
> Is my kernel not agreeing with my 1.0 binaries? I'm using the latest 
> kernel I could find. do I need to recompile something?

Your problem is that you're running the latest kernel you can find.
When I put the kernel up, I announced it to macbsd-development.  I
specifically noted that it was a -current kernel; not a 1.0 kernel.
Some things have changed since 1.0 that make ps, w, and several other
programs out of sync with the kernel.  If you want to stay on the
bleeding edge, prepare to bleed.  If you want these tools to work
with your current kernel, download libkvm, ps, w, etc., and the current
include files and build 'em yourself.  Booter 1.6 can be found with
the mrg stuff in the pub/test/old directory on puma.

If I sound harsh, it's because I'm grumpy and the ps/w problem is not a
new one, and we haven't seen the last of it.  Take a look at the mailing
list archives.  They're not up-to-date, but this is something that's
probably addressed at least once in there.  If you want to play around
with things that don't have instructions handy, figure out your problems
by yourself.

> oh, and another thing. How do I get DNR working? I'd like to let my 
> gateway take care of lookups. Do I have something set wrong in netstart?
> I'd appreciate a pointer to the right man page to read. TIA!

Read the man page for resolv.conf.


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