Subject: Re: SE/30 Help Needed: dt Dumps Core
To: Tres Hofmeister <tres@rap.ucar.EDU>
From: Kernel Tweak <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/04/1994 15:51:01
Try using gnu 'screen' instead of dt. dt hangs my machine, but screen 
works like a charm.

and yeah, I finally gave up and ripped the Daystar out.. *sigh*
I'm booting fine, but things like 'ps' give me some chunk size error. huh?

Is my kernel not agreeing with my 1.0 binaries? I'm using the latest 
kernel I could find. do I need to recompile something?

By the way, the kernel says that I should use booter 1.6, and I have 1.4; 
wheres 1.6??

oh, and another thing. How do I get DNR working? I'd like to let my 
gateway take care of lookups. Do I have something set wrong in netstart?
I'd appreciate a pointer to the right man page to read. TIA!

On Sun, 4 Dec 1994, Tres Hofmeister wrote:

> >From the keyboard of Lawrence Kesteloot:
> : 
> : Sorry to hear that.  I really do wish that this system was more
> : stable.  We've been plagued by that "biodone already" error for a
> : very long time and we haven't the slightest clue how to fix it.
> 	Yech.  I've been trying to actually use NetBSD lately, but I'm
> getting "biodone already" panics with such regularity that it's very
> difficult to get anything done.
> 	It feels so close!  Occasionally NetBSD will stay up for hours,
> at other times it won't even boot several times in succession.  I can't
> discern a meaningful pattern to the panics.
> 	I'm still excited about running UNIX on my Macintosh, but it's
> a bit frustrating.  Are there any tips or suggestions for avoiding
> these panics?  Does it help to have only one SCSI device, or no
> external video, or something?  Any workarounds?
> 	I'm running NetBSD 1.0 on an SE/30, 16MB RAM, Micron Exceed
> Color 30, MacOS 7.1 w/ Mode32 7.5.
> 	By the way, I hope the developers don't see this as a criticism.
> It's wonderful that this work is going on, and I'm appreciative of the
> effort already expended.  I'm also confident that this problem will be
> resolved eventually!
> 	Is there a way to help with this problem?