Subject: Re: SE/30 Help Needed: dt Dumps Core
To: Tres Hofmeister <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/30/1994 17:16:56
Tres Hofmeister writes:
> 	I've got NetBSD-1.0 installed on my SE/30.  The installation
> went quite smoothly.  I'm experiencing what I assume is the
> ADB/scrolling bug, and so have installed dt, version 1.0.  Whenever I
> run it, though, it dumps core.  Here are some specifics:

This looks _exactly_ like a problem I had that was because of a kernel
bug.  (I have an SE/30 and a RasterOps 264 card.) The fix is a
one-liner in grf.c in the _kernel_ sources (not grf.c in dt).
Unfortunately, fixing that bug caused dt to core dump on some other
systems.  (I think this is due to a bug in dt that slipped by because
of the kernel bug, but I couldn't recreate the crash on my machine.)
Last I heard, the kernel change had been backed out, so I don't know
exactly which kernels still have the fix in them.  The kernel I have is
one of the netbsd.patched kernels from a few weeks ago.  I think David
Holcomb was looking into why dt crashed with the fix, but I don't know
what the final verdict was.

What say you, David?

BTW, since you have more than one screen, if you rename the offending
graphics device (probably /dev/grf0 in your case) to something that
doesn't match grf[0-9]*, dt won't try to use it.  dt should work fine
on the SE/30 internal video.

- monroe
Monroe Williams