Subject: Re: SE/30
To: Jason Downs <downsj@CSOS.ORST.EDU>
From: Dameon D. Welch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/27/1994 04:52:56
Quotes from the great literary masterpieces of Jason Downs:

>>Do you have an external video card? dt doesn't work on my machine either
>>(I have a Micro Xceed Color/30).
>yes, this was the problem. the Mac has an external display, which was coming
>up on grf0, while i needed it (dt) run on grf1, the internal display.

I couldn't get it to come up there either. <groan>

>it would be better if the ite worked.

Given that my internal monitor is shot, I'd rather not deal with the
Internal monitor.

>i just now got the serial port to come up, but i've not tried it as
>console (and don't want to, really, since it's getting SLIP off of
>my hp425).

That could be amusing. Oh, well. 

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