Subject: re:se30_help
To: None <>
From: mike j. laporte <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/27/1994 02:17:59
someone wrote:

i have an SE/30. i have NetBSD/mac 1.0. i have much experience with NetBSD
>in general.

>i have successfully installed 1.0 on the Mac. i know the console prefers
>not to work, so i tried 'dt'. it also prefers not to work (it simply clears
>the screen and hangs from single user.)

What is your configuration? I have a se/30 with 5 meg ram, a 40 meg macos and a
160 meg bsd drive, mode 32.

Have you done the make devices by chance? Another dumb thought(its
damn near 2 am here or later), have / did you download everything in


ps. my se/30 is working good..