Subject: Re: IIcx problems
To: mat <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/23/1994 13:32:14
> At 7:42 PM 11/22/94, Matthew E. Shafer wrote:
> >[...] The booter runs fine and after a bit I get to the
> >login: prompt. Typing root attempts to log me in. It is successful
> >until the prompt changes to myname#. At this point, the system
> >freezes. No errors are reported at anytime before this.
> Sounds like you're seeing the "scrolling bug". The only real solutions at
> this point are to either use the 'dt' program, or use an external terminal
> hooked to a serial port. Of course, both require that you boot into a
> usable shell to configure them, so...

You can use the installer to copy out any necessary files and
edit them in MacOS.  Just make sure they are saved as "text only".
You can also use the installer to install dt-1.0.  Well, you
should be able to.  I'll try it this weekend.

I believe the reason Matt Shafer is getting to the shell prompt
and the system is freezing is because he is typing his keyboard
or moving his mouse around during the boot sequence.  Normally,
you can get to the prompt and the system will freeze only when
the console text is scrolling and the system receives an ADB
interrupt.  I'll bet some people who are used to using the mouse
most of the time will select "Boot Now" from the Booter, and then
they'll leave their hand on the mouse and move it around a bit
during the boot.  Another possibility is that he is loggin in as
root and hitting return twice (anticipating the terminal prompt),
which is sending an ADB interrupt diring the scrolling and before
he ever gets to the shell prompt.

--Dave Holcomb