Subject: Any luck with SE/30 and Micron Xceed Color/30?
To: NetBSD General Mailing List <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dameon D. Welch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/22/1994 17:16:06
I'm having problems using NetBSD 1.0 release on an SE/30 with a Micron
Xceed Color/30. Here's the setup:

* 640x480 color monitor (external monitor, #1), using it in VGA mode
    (if it makes a difference)
* 512x384 b&w monitor (internal monitor, #2)
* 8 megs of RAM
* NetBSD installed on a 270mb SyQuest (24 megs set aside for swap, about
    225 megs for root&usr)
* Booting NetBSD from system 7.5 (Turning off Extensions)

I've also tried various kernels:

netbsd10 (the original kernel)
netbsd10.patched (the "patched" kernel) (a kernel apparently to "fix" a similar problem)

If the color monitor is the main monitor, when I attempt to boot, it
"freezes" before it would get into the Unix boot screen (any of the

If the b&w is the main monitor, it does one of several things:

  * Boots fine (with netbsd10 kernel), but dt 1.0 does not run
    properly, and I have the infamous "ADB Scrolling" problem.
    Recognizes both monitors, but uses Internal Monitor. No other
    problems that I can see.

  * Gets part way through the boot sequence (
    kernel, in the for_testing folder on cray-ymp), and stops when an
    error "unsupported coprocessor (5)" sometime after "checking file

  * Crashes into the debugger at same point as previous problem.

Has anyone had *any* luck with an SE/30 *and* a Micron Xceed Color/30
with the latest release of NetBSD?

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