Subject: Re: I never thought I'd be asking this
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/18/1994 12:31:10
> >clobbered parts of my disk.  After running the System 7 version of
> >mkfs, I've encountered bad files on my Mac partitions and ended up
> >with newly fs'ed partitions that BSD doesn't like -- it says that the
> >superblock doesn't match the first alternate.  This has happened on
> What hard disk foramtting software are you using to partition? Are your
> drivers up to date? What version of "System 7" are you running?

Sorry; I should've included that information.  I've got a 1.4Gig
Fujitsu drive which was formatted (and given a driver) with APS 2.7.3
under System 7.1.


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