Subject: Re: Announcement: 1.0(Beta) FAQ
To: <>
From: jim howard - <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/17/1994 20:15:46
> > 
> > I'd vote yes on a comp.os. group for either general NetBSD discussion
> > and/or one specifically for macBSD. sure would be nicer than a mailing
> > list, aside from propagation delays.
> Certainly a MacBSD group is unwarranted.  If anything,
> should make comp.os.netbsd to complement the comp.os.386bsd hierarchy.
> Even that seems unnecessary, though, since comp.unix.bsd has such little
> traffic.
> Lawrence
if anything, a group should be named 'comp.os.netbsd.*'
but that would not nescecarily help with the work on netbsd at present.
the mailing lists are in place more to aid those who are working on
porting netbsd than the end users, and should probably remain
as it is until later in the life of netbsd.