Subject: Re: I never thought I'd be asking this
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/17/1994 16:19:31
>Well, in the absence of emacs, I'm obviously forced to start using vi.
>However, my copy of vi seems corrupt (core dumps) and I can't find it
>in any of the tar files!  HOW CAN I GET MY VI BACK?  :(  (I've been
>reduced to using ed -- shudder.)  I've gunzipped all the tar files and
>untarred them, but vi still crashes (and I didn't see anything say
>anything about /usr/bin/vi, either).

Bad form to followup to my own post, I know, but it seems relevant.  I
discovered that the problem apparently was that mkfs randomly
clobbered parts of my disk.  After running the System 7 version of
mkfs, I've encountered bad files on my Mac partitions and ended up
with newly fs'ed partitions that BSD doesn't like -- it says that the
superblock doesn't match the first alternate.  This has happened on
more than one occasion.  What I eventually did was to use mkfs only
on the root partition, then install and boot BSD and run newfs from
BSD on any other partitions I wanted to use.  Has anybody else
encountered messed-up files after running mkfs?


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