Subject: Usenet groups (Was Re: Announcement: 1.0(Beta) FAQ)
To: None <>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/14/1994 19:25:17
   From: Peter Brewer <>
   Date: Mon, 14 Nov 1994 15:06:55 -0500

   You should also forward it to and perhaps start the process
   of making this a USEnet group under comp.sys.mac or comp.unix as A/UX

I thought submittion to news.answers automatically got into rtfm, am I

Anyway, I think the group should be called
How about something like this?


(~bsd.{announce,...} may be redundant...) as well as:{amiga,hp300,i386,mac68k,pmax,sparc,vax}

(sorry if I missed any port) and of course:

Could anyone volunteer to submit an official RFD? ;)