Subject: Re: daystar_accells
To: Michael 'Curmudgeon' Finch <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/14/1994 12:34:09
At 11:15 AM 11/14/94, "Michael 'Curmudgeon' Finch"
< wrote:
>mike j. laporte wrote:
>> in a mac II and problems with the 1.0 bsd.  I'm contemplating the
>> 030/50, does anyone have this particular baord?  has there been
>> any other problems with the daystar baords and bsd that anyone
>> knows of?  Thanks
>> ps.  If I'm reading right, these dont' come with a fpu, did the person
>> with the 030/33 get one or not?
>The point about the FPU is a good one.  I have a 030/40 w/ FPU and
>it used to run just fine as long as the cache was turned off.  I
>haven't tried running the new kernels with it yet.

I'm the one with the '030/33 Daystar; it has an '882 installed on it. An
idea I just had was to take the '882 off of the PowerCache card and install
it on the motherboard socket, where there is an '881 now. Could be that bsd
is talking to the wrong fpu, even though it 'sees' the '882 on the

Has _anyone_ gotten the 1.0 kernel running with a Daystar card? Your
comments would be *greatly* appreciated. Also anyone who has gotten 1.0
working with a RasterOps 264 video card.

(by the way, I just got through recovering from a _catastrophic_ file
system corruption caused by Trillium's 'Remus'. I say 'catastrophic'
because I learned that as long as a volume with Remus drivers is mounted,
writes to _any other_ mounted volumes will corrupt them, too. Like, my
backup & recover volumes....
In a nutshell; If you'd like to try the 'Remus' software RAID driver demo,
make sure that you have at least _duplicate_ backups of _everything_ you'd
like to keep, *offline*, and make sure that you won't mind doing a
low-level format when it screws your filesystems up. Or, do what I did, and
trash it. It's _crap_.

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