Subject: Re: daystar_accells
To: mike j. laporte <>
From: Michael 'Curmudgeon' Finch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/14/1994 11:15:57
mike j. laporte wrote:
> in a mac II and problems with the 1.0 bsd.  I'm contemplating the
> 030/50, does anyone have this particular baord?  has there been
> any other problems with the daystar baords and bsd that anyone
> knows of?  Thanks
> ps.  If I'm reading right, these dont' come with a fpu, did the person
> with the 030/33 get one or not?

The point about the FPU is a good one.  I have a 030/40 w/ FPU and
it used to run just fine as long as the cache was turned off.  I
haven't tried running the new kernels with it yet.


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