Subject: Re: Formatting Partitions?
To: Kyraden <>
From: Steven R. Weiss <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/13/1994 22:19:38
Jaeson M. Engle <>  wrote:

> My first problem is that I cannot find any utility that will format /just a
> partition/ without the necessity of formatting the whole drive. I have
> Norton Partition, which creates a partiotion just fine, but I want to
> format that in A/UX 3.0 in order to load macBSD onto it. Has anyone any
> ideas? It is really impreactical for me to dump my entire disk and reformat
> it with a partition.
> Any ideas would be *greatly* appreciated!

(1) Does Norton do driver-level (hard) partitions? I suppose I could be wrong, 
   but I thought it only did file-level (soft) partitions. You need to have 
   hard partitions, because a soft partition is only an invisible file inside 
   a MacOS partition.  See question 16 in the FAQ.

(2) You don't format the partition, you run mkfs on it. The disk is already 
    formatted. You should follow the install instructions on this.

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