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From: (Scott Jann)
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Subject: Re: MacBSD on a IIcx
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> > The only thing I can think of as weird, is when I do "ls" in the
> > minishell in the installer utility, 4 files from the end, it says
> > "fstat: file not found".
> The fstat message can be ignored.  It is a Mac-OS-only installer
> problem, but it's not damaging in any way.
> When you booted, did you get any grey bars?  Can you count how
> many and send mail to alice again?  Also, if you can record all
> the output you see when you boot, that would be helpful too.

Yes, I got info, and some grey bars, but it all goes by too fast to
make sense of it, when it gets to the point it starts saying "panic:
kernel jump to zero" and everything scrolls away.

> And if/when you find out what was wrong (and how you fixed it :)
> send mail to alice to let us know.

The only thing I can think of is my video card is making it mad.  I
remember the docs said it didn't like 24-bit cards, I do have a 24-bit
Apple Display Card.  Is this a known incompatability, or is it known
to be compatable?

> Thanks,
> --Dave Holcomb

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