Subject: Stupid Question
To: None <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/10/1994 20:37:16
This question may have been answered on macbsd-development, but I'm not on
that list.  I don't mean to criticise (since I love the work done so far),
but. . .

What is the big deal about support for fpu-less machines?

I'm sure that a complete trap-emulation package must be available from
Motorola, and probably other places as well.  It might require translating
to a new assembler format or some such (is that the answer?) but all that
should be needed is to load the routines and put the right vectors in the
trap tables.  I doubt the package is so big that you couldn't leave it
there all the time, and if you leave the trap vectors there all the time
that shouldn't be a big deal either since you can stick whatever vectors
you want into the entries that don't get used if an FPU really is there.

Henry B. Hotz

The opinions expressed are my own,
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