Subject: Re: Survey Results
To: Kevin Wilson 315-456-1404 <>
From: David Holcomb <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/10/1994 02:38:33
> The results though didn't show how many people are still blocked
> from running that have "working machines" with incompatable hardware. :(
> eg. Video cards that don't do something right.

You bring up a good point.  It would be nice to know what video
cards and ADB devices and network cards (when available :) are
known to work and which are known to have problems.

Believe me, everyone at Alice central is aware of the issue.  What
I intended to do was this... I wanted to wait until two things are
available before I committed to making a list of working and non-
working video cards and ADB devices.  For one:  Monroe Williams
has submitted a patch to dt and the kernel's grf.c that may allow
more video cards to operate in 1-bit mode.  And two:  Brad Grantham
really wants to finish his new ROM ADB driver, which should add
ADB support for many more machines and many more ADB devices.

Until both of these have been verified as working by the Alice
team, I don't want to say "this video card doesn't work" and "that"
one does, etc...  Both of these fixes could obsolete that list

Once Alice is comfortable with the dt fixes or the ADB driver's
functionality, I'll ask everyone to report to me any compatibilities
or incompatibilities with their existing hardware.  Then we'll
see what we have and take it from there.

> Can you tell me what the known issues are with the video boards, with the
> up comming holidays I may find some time to look at this stuff. 

Some cards don't work.