Subject: Mac ROM Glue ADB driver status
To: None <,>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/07/1994 15:39:00
(I really think I'm starting to sound like Jesus Monroy, Jr., with
these vaporware reports about non-existent drivers, but...)

I have recently managed to boot MacBSD with a working keyboard and
trackball on a PowerBook 140.  I believe I am only a few hours from
having the ADB driver working on the IIsi, IIvx, and IIvi.  The
current driver recognizes devices on the ADB as effectively as the
ADB Manager calls do under MacOS.  (In fact, if you call those
traps in the MacBSD kernel, you actually call those functions in

At this point, I am fighting a spontaneous reboot on a Mac IIsi
at "ADBReInit()."  My question to the group is, can anyone let
me borrow a IIvx, IIvi, or IIsi for a week or so?  I'm in Santa
Barbara, California, about five hours south of San Jose and
two hours north of L.A.  The IIsi I am using for testing is
owned by the company for which I work, and I can't continue
compiling kernels, driving to work, testing the kernels,
driving back home, and debugging the code.  If someone near
(or in) Santa Barbara can let me borrow their Mac for a few
weeks (and I can exchange you my Mac II for the duration), I
would be very thankful.

As usual, I can't provide any reward except for a prominent
place in our README and a chance to help.

Brad Grantham, ++++++++++++++++
UNIX is kind of like a car with primer but no paint, foam but no upholstery, a
V-8 with fuel injection but no brakes, and two dozen lights and indicators that
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