Subject: Disk problems(LONG!)
To: None <>
From: mike j. laporte <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/03/1994 22:43:53
Here's my system currently:

Mac II, 8ram, 160(ID 0),160(ID 6), 540(ID 1), sys 7.1.  

I'm trying to install onto the 540 drive and am finding some problems:

When formatting with disk manager mac:

	Mac error #0
		-command completed w/o error

	Drive sense key: 5
		-Description illegal request
		- Illegal parameter in command, descriptor block 
		  supplied is data for command.

	Block 0

I get this error no matter what options I set, I've got the drive partitioned
with a 32meg swap(I know  overkill but it wouldnt let me do 16) and
the rest is root&usr.  I've tried setting the drives to different scsi id's
booting from a floppy(v6.0.8) moving the drives in the physical chain.

This is the error I get when running installer after mkfs'ing:

	sd0 at ID 0    --> currently the only bsd drive I have, 160meg
	sd1 at ID 1    --> the 540 I want to make bsd

	Mounting partition 'A' as /
	  Failed mountfs(), error 22
	  Error mounting root
	  mount root: undefined error

the installer is kicked up to 1500k as per allen's suggestion.

These are the same messages I got the other nite when trying to do this on
a 100meg conner drive.

APS gives me numerous messages all very vague but with the same results
when running installer.

anyone have any thoughts or ideas?