Subject: Re: Question on formatting software.
To: MacBSD <>
From: Chip Burkhead <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/03/1994 13:46:58
   Thanks to a kindly individual, I now have the instructions for patching 
Apple HD SC Setup so that it will access non-Apple drives. It also gives 
the instructions for a patch that will allow you to make more than one (2 
I think) Mac-OS partitions. I will post this info when I get home tonight 
since it is in am email at home. I have tried the first patch and it does 
see my MacBSD drive. I have not actually tested the partitioning ability 
since I haven't gotten my new drive yet (maybe today). 

   I also have looked at using APS 2.7.3 to do custom partitions & have 
some instructions for doing it. I will post that info when I have 
offcially written it up. It will probably be somewhat vague in parts; but 
hopefully it will convey the basic instructions for getting to the 
graphic of the partitions so that they can be changed.