Subject: Re: Question on formatting software.
To: Patrick Killourhy <>
From: Steven R. Weiss <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/03/1994 10:20:12
Patrick Killourhy <> wrote:
> ... my question is, now that we're aware that
> APS is commercial, does anyone know of any freeware/shareware formatting
> software that does A/UX partitions? If not, does someone want to write
> one? (I'm afraid it's beyond my abilities...) 

No freeware or shareware that I know of.

Actually every hard disk sold comes bundled with a formatter that should
take care of formatting and installing drivers.  What the MacBSD community 
needs is only a freely available partitioner which can create all the types of 
partitions needed by NetBSD/mac.

I'm not in a position to volunteer to do this, but it would help me
to understand the scope of the problem if I knew where to look to 
find the layout of the boot blocks and partition map. 
(NIM files? could be, that I can check later today). 
I'm sure these layouts are well understood by some of you.

Just limiting the scope of a program to partitioning should greatly reduce
the difficulty and possibly mean we could have that program much sooner.

-srw    Steve Weiss, Ann Arbor, Michigan