Subject: None
To: MacBSD <>
From: Chip Burkhead <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/02/1994 11:14:23
> Here is the news you didn't want to hear. APS 2.7.3 is commercial software.
> It is equivalent to SCSI-director Pro from Transoft. In fact, APS
> licenses that software from Transoft specifically for inclusion on their
> drives. APS holds that the only legal way to get APS 2.7.3 is by buying a
> disk drive from them (although they don't care what disks you format with it.)
> They admitted that APS2.7.3 has been found on BBSes in the past, and they
> said that they shut them down. If you didn't buy an APS drive, and you
> downloaded APS2.7.3 then you are using illegal software. The folks at
> APS suggested that people who find themselves in this situation can
> simply purchase SCSI director Pro from Transoft. I checked with MacZone,
> (1-800-248-0800) and they have it in stock at $62.98 which is awfully
> reasonable as far as disk formatting software goes (IMHO).
   Well, to my knowledge, they have never made it known that the software 
is commercial. I have another copy of pretty much the same software with 
a totally different name that I got with my Maxtor 120 when I first got 
my Mac. I do have APS 2.7.3 and based on data sent to me from various 
people, I have found how to create the partitions I want instead of what 
the software sets up by default for AUX. 

   I must admit it is really hidden. I will attempt to go in & document 
how to get into the graphic of the partitions and how to go about 
creating the ones needed for MacBSD so that others can do it more simply. 
I also heard from another person that you can patch Apple HD SC to work 
with other drives. I have requested this info; but it hasn't arrived yet. 
As far as being an APS owner to use the APS software...well I have an 
external SCSI drive case with the APS logo on it that I got over the net 
for my 80 Meg. I guess that sort of counts. :)