Subject: Re: IIvx serial console...
To: Chris Kush <>
From: Allen 'Time?' Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/02/1994 08:01:00
> 	I have access to my roomie's Amiga, and I can connect the serial port
> of my Mac IIvx to his serial port.  I know that the connection works, because
> our terminal programs can talk.  I know that others have gotten MacBSD to
> work with a serial console.

There was apparently a problem with the initialization string used to
configure the serial ports.  I backed off to an older version and got
it to work for someone with a IIsi.  As soon as I figure out where the
problem actually is, I'll put a patched kernel up for general consumption,
along with patches to the 1.0 kernel source code.

> 	In closing, I'm as tired as everyone else about seeing the same
> questions over and over again on this list.  The readme files are woefully out
> of date.  Therefore, I would like to volunteer my services to Alice as the
> official maintainer of the WhichMachinesDoesItWorkOnAndHow FAQ.

If you wish to help with this, talk to Dave Holcomb
(  He's making a herculean effort to
organize the HOW-TOs and FAQ, etc.


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