Subject: IIvx serial console...
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chris Kush <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/02/1994 00:12:15
	I have access to my roomie's Amiga, and I can connect the serial port
of my Mac IIvx to his serial port.  I know that the connection works, because
our terminal programs can talk.  I know that others have gotten MacBSD to
work with a serial console.

	I have the latest base installation binary, several kernels, and the
latest booter/mkfs/installer.  Everything seems to be set up ok, but when I
try booting with the "Serial Boot Echo" and "Serial Console" options checked
in the Booter, *nothing* comes out on the Amiga.  I get between six and ten
graybars, depending on which kernel I use.  I have the 230 Mb stock Mac HD at
SCSI 0 as a pure Mac drive, and I have a 170 Mb fujitsu at SCSI 3 partitioned
by Hard Disk Toolkit into a large Root&Usr, an 18 Mb swap, and two small MacOS
partitions HDT won't let me nuke.

	To anyone who has gotten the serial console to work with MacBSD on the
IIvx, what is your system configuration?

	In closing, I'm as tired as everyone else about seeing the same
questions over and over again on this list.  The readme files are woefully out
of date.  Therefore, I would like to volunteer my services to Alice as the
official maintainer of the WhichMachinesDoesItWorkOnAndHow FAQ.  Everyone who
has MacBSD running on a not-quite-fully supported Mac, mail me your configs,
I'll compile them, and then all the questions like this one can be answered by
a great big RTFM.

	And oh yeah, did the MacsBug log I mailed you help at all, Mr.

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christopher s. kush		
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