Subject: Re: Question on formatting software.
To: Chip Burkhead <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 11/01/1994 14:45:51
Chip Burkhead writes:
>    Does anyone have formatting software that will do Unix partitions that 
> they especially like? I used the APS Disk Formatter software and it did 
> the partitions; but it creates more than I want. It makes a Root & Usr, 
> Swap, & Eschetology(sp?). I have no idea what the third one is for; but 
> it is using up about 3M of my disk space and I need all I can get. I also 
> can't find a way to not make this partition or to delete it and move the 
> freed space to another partition.
>    What I would like (if it exists) is something that would allow me to 
> specify the parition name & size and not try to force me into anything 
> beyond Root & Usr and Swap. Does such a thing exist and if so how can I 
> get it? I'm going to be moving to a bigger hard drive probably this 
> weekend and I would like to be able to set it up better than my current 
> one with a minimum of hassles. BTW, this hard drive will probably be 
> invisible to the Apple SC Setup program so I don't think it will be an 
> option. Thanks in advance.

I use APS, and I was able to set things up exactly the way I wanted.  I
can't rememer the exact menu selection you use (I'm not at home right
now), but it opens a dialog with a graphic display of all the
partitions and you can create & delete all you want.  I have a 105M
drive with 16M swap, ~5Meg MacOS (enough to store the booter :-), and
the rest Root&Usr.

As I recall, the way to do this is not obvious (obtuse interface design
seems to be the norm for partitioning software :-P ).  When I get home
I'll look it up and post the exact procedure.  Maybe it should be in
the FAQ?

- monroe
Monroe Williams